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Saturday, October 14, 2017

By a 70cm Square Window English Lyrics By RottenGraffty (Dragon Ball Super ED 10)

Dragon Ball Super Ending 10 Eng Lyrics (By a 70cm Square Window - RottenGraffty)

A 70 Centimeter squared window...

Today's weather is sunny, the Rain is gone..
I opened the window though i have no reason..
This everyday room and sighs that pollute it
I shattered them

I was always thinking of you
The reality that squeezes my heart
I was always longing to see you..
And I'll continue to forge ahead with that memory

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Taiyou no Elegy English Lyrics By Flower (Shoukoku no Altair ED)

Shoukoku no Altair Ending Eng Lyrics - Taiyou no Elegy (Flower)

Haaa... Haaaaa aaaaaa....

Please tell me the name of that bird
That spread its wings as if cutting through the air..
This caravan proceeds down an endless path
Aimless travelers pretending to search for tomorrow..

Once the golden sandstorm passes
I wish for the sea to quench all my thirst...

The saddest night the world's ever known is coming..
Even if try wishing to the stars, as they smile, shining down on this desert..

My wish will never come true
So at the very least,
Wrapped in my veil
I'll continue to dance...

Where is that person...

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Sayonara Moon Town English Lyrics By Scenarioart (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations ED 2)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ending 2 Eng Lyrics (Sayonara Moon Town - Scenarioart)

A path is faintly illuinated by the moon..
I wonder where we'll go from here
The moon faintly wavers on a nearby lake..
C'mon and show us our unknown futures...
We're afraid of having more things that are important to us
We've lived shutting ourselves off
But it seems we'll end up meeting this way..

So if fate tries to pull us apart
I want to protect you
Even if it destroys this world...

Even while knowing this dream is fleeting..
I still want to live my life with someone else...
Even if i learn the pain of loss
I'll always be longing for someone else...

Goodbye.... x2
We'll overcome this goodbye

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dakara Boku wa Boku wo Tebanasu English Lyrics By WEAVER (Sagrada Reset OP 2)

Sagrada Reset/Sakurada Reset OP 2 Eng Lyrics (Dakara Boku wa Boku wo Tebanasu - WEAVER)

An unopened novel that i liked ten years ago
What i pretended was so me

I laugh at the people who speak smugly
Borrowing words from the greats
As if those words were their own..
But the way i was
Lacking in self-awareness
Was kind of the same thing

I actually knew that
I reset my mind now..

I am the one who will let go of myself
I firmly told myself within my heart
Even if people talk about me behind my back
I'll only face forward

I would rather carve my way
Instead of following the footsteps that the world had left behind
If it's a path i believe in
I can go down it without getting lost
It's okay..

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Taiyou mo Hitoribocchi English Lyrics By Qyoto (Dive!! OP)

Dive!! Opening Eng Lyrics (Taiyou mo Hitoribocchi - Qyoto)

Just like a flying bird spreading its wings over the blue ocean
Searching for a dream i've yet to have
Fly about through trial and error..

The sun rises and falls again
I want to change that mundane reality..
The smell of boundless summber,
Even in my hands
I'm sad without you here....

And the sun is linely too
Being in the middle of you..
Having learned the sad lie..

A map of the future appearing in the sky
A future that changes without you
I tried to forget you by hiding behind my laughter..

Aview that cannot be seen from here
A view that can only be seen from here
Open up the canvas of my heart and paint with the true colors only you can see...

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

10% roll, 10% romance English Lyrics By UNISON SQUARE GARDEN (Welcome to the Ballroom OP)

Welcome to the Ballroom Opening Eng Lyrics (10% roll, 10% romance - UNISON SQUARE GARDEN)

1 sec 'til contact
2 sec and check my toe
3 sec take your hand, right?

Tick tock as the gears start to turn
But only the one foot placed keeps going
Something's odd
I can't remember how to breathe
As each day keeps rolling playing.
The most vital heart won't sing
What's the matter?
Is an opportunistic score needed?
Sometimes you shouldn't read the situation
One beat, praise, light the fire..

Playing tricks like such a melodrama
If you're just gonna laugh
I'm outta here

Now style a pure heart
Change on over
Then you can go anywhere
The door is left open...
Go on and perform

Take me out!
After i shyly take your hand
Let's show off this rhythm of surprise
The way you dance with the world
It's too good
I want you to show me a little at a time

Take me out!
110% sympathy
It's secret that we've linked
Because to see you this close
I may be the only one since the dawn of history, right?

1 sec 'til contact
2 sec and check my toe
3 sec take your hand, right?

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Haruka Lyrics (Dragon Ball Super Ending 9) - LACCO TOWER

Dragon Ball Super Ending 9 Lyrics - Haruka by LACCO TOWER

Sayonara no aizu ga..
Yozora ni hibikeba...
Yagate haruka kanata tooku
Hanareteku kimi wo omouyo.....
Kimi no hidari kara miteta..
Yokogao wo miteita
Waratteru ka naiteiru noka
Nagai kami ga jama wo shiteiru..

Sayonara no aizu ga..
Yozora ni hibikeba...
Yagate haruka yowayowashii..
Bokutachi no michi wo terasuyo..

Mata aeru to....

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Eiyuu Unmei no Uta English Lyrics By EGOIST (Fate/Apocrypha OP)

Fate/Apocrypha Opening Eng Lyrics (Eiyuu Unmei no Uta - EGOIST)

This is a tale of immortal heroes
Seeking glory in vanity....

The quiet words of love are lost in the cracks of time
And the mean fate they fail to move just sneers
Stare at the world from the outside
Remembering the tune
They try to follow until the love burns them to ashes..

The people cried for justice
And rose its banners high
rejecting the destiny from the past...

Keep banishing the darkness to the bitter end
I'll be the victor who knows no fear
Head for complete victory white yourbreath last
Wait for the dawn when the sun ends rule of night..

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fight Against the Wind! Lyrics (Future Card Buddyfight X Ending) - Ayana Kinoshita

Future Card Buddyfight X Ending English Lyrics (/Fight Against the Wind!/Mukaikaze ni Fight! - Ayana Kinoshita)

You go and go and never give in
Again the wind you keep on running
Even when you stumble
And fall over rocks
You never stop fighting..
You go and go and never give up
I know that you will always be fine
The moment you dreamed has just finally come
Your challenge has now begun..

When in the darkness and you wanna cry
Look at the sky..
Cause you'll see a hundred, or a thousand times more
Shinning stars that turn your tears into smiles..

Just keep running through and reaching out to
The miracle that no one's ever seen yet
And don't give in now
Just hold your tears now
You've got the courage in you...

I believe that you are so much stronger
That you would ever think..
So let's go into the future now
Cause the greatest ever is waiting just for you...

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Brave Soul Fight! English Lyrics By Sora Tokui & Shuuta Morishima (Future Card Buddyfight X OP)

Future Card Buddyfight X Opening Eng Lyrics (Brave Soul Fight! - Sora Tokui & Shuuta Morishima)

Buddy Fight!
It's alright you're doin' fine!
You don't have to change, just be who you are..
All your tears and your smile everything cherish it
Brave soul fight!..

You have been refining your style forever now..
And it's a goal that's just for you..
Theory won't be allit takes to explain it all..
It's an infinite fighting case
Ride on! don't give up! no matter when, no matter what
Don't throw it away
Cause it will touch
Somebody's heart deep within
Shaking them up again to..
Go on

The sound of your
Sound of your voice again
It's igniting a fire to my soul..
So we must
Go reach out
For the dream at the sound of the call..
And run up to the future, so let's go..

Buddy Fight! It's alright
We will never stop! it's too soon to give up!
So until the end, we will give it everything that we've got..

repeat *

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Last Desire English Lyrics By Maon Kurosaki (Rewrite 2 OP)

Rewrite Season 2 Opening Eng Lyrics (Last Desire-Maon Kurosaki)

Following many paths
I eventually came to a standstill
Even time, now frozen..
Is a far-off memory, fading...

What could i possibly sacrifice in order to become stronger?
I still don't have the courage to let go of my mom's hand..
There's no way i can become a hero..
I'd known all along..
But at the very least
I want to protect you
That's all i hope for..

Transforming my body into a blade
I proceed across this ruined land
Advancing ever onward
I even cut through my own weakness...

I wonder if i'll ever reach the future you desired..
Until we arrive at that day
I'll protect you, without fail....

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sayonara Bystander English Lyrics By YUKI (3-gatsu no Lion OP 2)

3-gatsu no Lion Opening 2 Eng Lyrics (Sayonara Bystander - YUKI)

The sound of trains running near the riverside
The color of sunflowers
Hanging their heads in bloom..
The sunset paints a striped borderline..
The more i hear you say, Thank you..
Why does it make me feel like i wanna cry?
It's as if i were a kid again..

I thouhjt i'd stored my tears away in the refrigerator
But better than anyone
I know the value of the one i desire

Farewell, bystander..
We'll start walking from here
No matter if this road will take us to heaven..
Or somewhere not even close
I want to laugh with you and stand by your side
Just as you are..

I'll gather up all our pride, wishes, and dreams
Keeping them in abundance
Always on hand!..

Even if i'm scared, so scared
To the point i'm about to go under..
I'll make a promise to you...

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Heikousen English Lyrics By Sayuri (Kuzu no Honkai ED)

Kuzu no Honkai Ending Eng Lyrics (Heikousen - Sayuri)

Let's escape from the solar system
And cross it in parallel lines
Stretching out in parallel lines..
Aaah... Like our shadows...

You can blame the times we live in
For your lack of courage
Searching for a place
Where there is a wish not going anywhere
I want to be the words
That pour out of your lips...

Let's escape from the solar system
And cross it in parallel lines
Taking along impossible wishes
And our timid voices

Once we're drained of emotion
I can start to imagine..
I will reach out to our shadows..
Ahh.. Parallel lines

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Uso no Hibana English Lyrics By 96neko (Kuzu no Honkai OP)

Kuzu no Honkai/Scum's Wish Opening Eng Lyrics (Uso no Hibana - 96neko)

I want to treasure the most what is most precious
But even something so simple is the one thing i can't do

If destiny is real
Then you are the person i'm destined to be with
Those are the words i can't say because i'm scared it will destroy what we have 
Even when you're near, you feel so far
This feeling that comes and goes
Give up, don't give up
The petals i pink are never ending

The treasure box remains locked
Embracing the sparkling feelings
Hiding the faintly colored fragments in my sighs....

If our eyes meet, please don't look away
See through this lie i've locked away
I don't know how much more i can take
So please don't say anything yet..

It hurts...
I love you so much it's scary...

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Uncontrollable English Lyrics By Kanako Itou (Chaos,Child OP)

ChäoS;Child Opening Eng Lyrics (Uncontrollable - Kanako Itou)

So hey, hey, it just won't stop
The madness we call chaos begins to accelerate

Speaking like i know it all, even the reason i was born
Before i knew it, i'd become hopelessly uninformed..
My thirst no longer quenchable, my blood begins to boil
Curiosity welling up from sunny days long past..
Return to innocence
Return to chaos world..
Return to that sky
Return to new generation..
It's a dream you can't snap out of

repeat *

So hey, hey, if you end up losing sight of me
That's okay, there's always the next bus
I already know it.
This sky, your promises
They're all lies..

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Kagerou English Lyrics By ReaL (Gintama 2017 OP)

Gintama 2017 Opening Eng Lyrics (Kagerou - ЯeaL)

An unfading mirage
Born from the heat of those days.....

Being so alike
We've had many fight
But even through lonesome days
You were always there..

I want so desperately to understand you
So i thought i'd mostly figured you out
But as those days threatened to face
I found myself merely chasing after you..
As day after day repeats
The darkness assails mercilessly
I still can't laugh it off the way you do..

repeat *

Made a flower bloom deep within my heart
A bright future is still out of sight
What on earth should i do about this feeling?

I want to touch that world i once dreamed of
If i stay with you
Will i finally be able to change

I want to put stop these quivering hands
I want to always be by your side...

repeat *

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

TOMORROW English Lyrics By Machico (KonoSuba Season 2 OP)

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Opening Eng Lyrics (TOMORROW - Machico)

At the moment of the beginning..
The tailwind raised a cloud of dust
We can't come to a halt

Even if we deal with everything well..
If we aren't tightly holding what we truly desire
We won't ever be satisfied
Let's go look for it
In the endless blue sky
I'll be sure to leave a vivid mark here together with you....

Let's dash out...
Towards a future unknown to anyone....
And at the moment i leapt in...

I felt your shining gaze on me...
Because a wonderful tomorrow..
Is already waiting for me....

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wagamama Mirror Heart English Lyrics By Ayaka Ohashi (Masamune-kun's Revenge OP)

Masamune-kun's Revenge Opening Eng Lyrics (Wagamama Mirror Heart - Ayaka Ohashi)

Selfish mirror heart
Please watch my reversed eyes in it...

It's not that i can pretend to be though if i just have beauty..
Yes, roses have thorns, right?..
I'm not the type i don't care if i'm hurt..
I struck you up to cover my pure sign...
I feel frustrated somehow
I feel like something is about to overflow
Please don't, please wait
I want to shout though....

Selfish mirror heart..
My pure feeling is swaying reversed
So will, you accept it oppositely

However mirror heart
My behaviorism is rather sword than shield
You can tell i'm more delicate than glass arts, can't you?
Please notice it....

I want you to stare at my whole existence
I want you to embrace all as if you don't get nervous..
Shy boy......

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Answer English Lyrics By BUMP OF CHICKEN (3-gatsu no Lion OP)

March comes in like a lion/3-gatsu no Lion Opening Eng Lyrics (Answer - BUMP OF CHICKEN)

I remember those magic words..
The name of the place where that rainbow began..
That's when my entire world was stained in color
In a single instant..

My true voice is constantly
Showing me the proper path
It's because it doubts everything..
That i trust so firmly in it
The fact my heart is beating
The fact my breaths continue flowing in and out
The fact my heart remains so warm
There's a reason for them all..

Like a galaxy beyond the clouds
Like a ticket that i lost somewhere
Like events that happened before i was born
You hold it in your hand...

That's one thing i do know, i know it...
I'm the only one who knows, i'm the only one...

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chaofan Music English Lyrics By Arukara (Dragon Ball Super ED 6)

Dragon Ball Super Ending 6 Eng Lyrics (Chaofan Music - Arukara)

Hello! 5,6,7,8! x2
Super! Thank you! Fried Rice! Tasty!....

Riding on a ladle
I don't even know its name
A four-thousand-year-old monster (monster!)
Mixing it all up
And then it's finished in ni time
Mysterious story..

Softly sprinkling in the spices
It's the world's biggest obsession
Here, bon appétit

My passion's on a rampage
A chinese spoon in my right hand
It's time to finish them off...

repeat *
Super! Thank you! Fried Rice! Music.......
Yeahh.. hah!

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