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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Hollow Lyrics (Final Fantasy 7 Remake Theme Song) - Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet)

Final Fantasy VII Remake Theme Song Lyrics - Hollow by Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet)

I would be lost...
Drifting along..
Floating up high
Time after time
And there you'd be..
Shining brightly

Your smiling face..
To guide my way..
Blood and bruised
Brought to my knees
When beaten down...
When broken up..
You would apper,
Reach out to me,
Heal every wound,
And make me whole...

Was it all a dream...
Will i never know..
Foolish and blind
To everything...

Had i realized,
Had i thought it through,
Would you be here...
In my embrace...

Shine bright one more....
Guide me to you...
Smile bright....
Once more...
This time...
I will never let you go....

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Legacy Lyrics (Devil May Cry 5 Final Trailer Ending) - Kota Suzuki Ft. Ali Edwards

Devil May Cry 5 Final Trailer Ending Lyrics - Legacy by Kota Suzuki feat. Ali Edwards

Don't come to question
All that you've known
Remember you are not alone
I will be here,
Standing beside you...
There is no mountain
Too tall to overcome..
We will be as one
You will rise again...
This is your legacy.....

You will rise again...
This is your legacy.....

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Not A Hero Lyrics (King's Raid: Pandemonium Theme Song)

King's Raid: Pandemonium Theme Song Lyrics - Not A Hero

The only thing I promised you
The only time I wished for you
We did our best every single day..
But I think this is the end...
Yesterday when you smiled at me
Yesterday dreaming a small peace
I didn't want some big miracle
But It's too late everything's gone..

I'm begging you my Lord...
A Shoulder to cry on..
I lost my way,
Just give me a single word........

Where's the shining star for me and you
The Moon is hiding behind the clouds
I'm not the only one, not a hero.
I might be wrong, Going into the dark....

repeat * & **

Please watch me, Please save me
This darkness isn't me
It's not for me

Don't leave me now..
Fighting for me..
The end is not the end...

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Face My Fears Lyrics (Kingdom Hearts III Opening Trailer) - Hikaru Utada & Skrillex

Kingdom Hearts III Opening Trailer Lyrics - Face My Fears English Version by Hikaru Utada & Skrillex

Should I take a deep..
Should I take a leap..
What a bitter sweet...
All my, all my life..
Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
(let me face, let me face, let me face my fears)
Oh Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears
(Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears)

It won't be long I'm almost here..
Watch me cry all my tears..

Face my Fears x3
Won't be long,
I'm almost there
Face my Fears

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bokura kyou mo ikiteiru Lyrics (Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On 2 Opening) - Johnny's West

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On Season 2 Opening Lyrics - Bokura kyou mo ikiteiru by Johnny's West

Bokura kyou moi
Bokura kyou mo warau teru
Sore dake de mou nani mo iranai..
Ima sugu ni RIDE ON
Bokura sugu ni motomeru
Yokubarina iki ya mono sa
Nani mo motazu ni umare kite kitanoni..

Shiawase wa

Soba ni atte chikaku ni atte
Taisetsu mi modo hodo mienaku narekedo
Kansha shite
Nani ga oki tatte wakatte kureru hito e..

Dare ni datte mi getaku narute
Jibun o miushinai-so ni narekedo
Ai wa kanarazu kimi no kokoro ni ayu no
Bokura issho ni aruite ikouyo

Onaji sorashi ne ka onaji sora o miagenagara
Utsukushii-iro no shin kazoete iyou...
Shiawase wa itsumo

repeat * and **


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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spiral Lyrics (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Opening) - KANA-BOON

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Opening Lyrics - Spiral by KANA-BOON

Yukute habamu no wa
Akirame ya taida sa
Marude kage bunshin no
You ni furueteyuku

Mushibamu honoo
Fukikese shippu de
Tomaranu kodou umidase rasen..

Seisei seibai desu
Fuan de konnan desu
Naite fusaide
Soredemo idomu yo

Saikouchou de neratte ute
Sette tsukande shousa wa dare da

repeat * and **

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