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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Samurai 45 Lyrics (ID: Invaded Insert Song Episode 4) - MIYAVI

ID: Invaded Insert Song Episode 4 Lyrics - Samurai 45 by MIYAVI

I'm on a mission
Shinjiru wa my decision

This is my moment i'ma take it
Ichi do shika nai..
Kono butai, hade ni chiritai
Atoni hikenai reason
It's all or nothing, till i make it

Nigeru kurai nara
I would die like a samurai

We can go, we can go like a samurai x2
Iza sanroo iza sanroo like a 45
Uhoo.. Do it like a Samurai

Do it like a Samurai

lyrics credit + full lyric: Griffith Eternity (comment) @
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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! Insert Song Episode 1 Lyrics

Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!! Episode 1 Insert Song Lyrics

Kimi no yume ga kanau basho..
Fure.. fure
Ashita e wow.. wow zutto...

Toikiri ketobashita ishikoro
Taikutsuna nichijou to sayonara
Ai kake no kibou nosete
Pajama o nuidara
Jibun dake no mirai e re kiku yo..
Ashita wa
Itsu datte hora
Dare mo shiranai
Bouken no hajimari..

Fure.. fure..
Kimi no yume ga kanau basho..
Fure.. fure..
Bokura dake no uta ga aru

Saa mita koto nai ashita e to
Ikou (wow.. wow)
Ikou zutto...

Tsumazuku tabi ni..
Ano hi no yume ga
Mouichido boku wo furuitataseru
Osoreru koto ga kanau yume nado nai..
Hitori janaikara koko made koreta nda..

Fure.. fure..
Kimi no tame ni utau uta
Fure.. fure..
Boku no koe ga kareru made

Saa, mou ichido
Ano basho e
Ikou.. (wow.. wow..)
Ikou.. (wow.. wow.. wow..)

repeat * and **


translate by from 水瀬朱夏 comment (kanji) @ here
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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Might+U Lyrics (Boku no Hero Academia 4 Insert Song Episode 13) - Makayla Phillips

Boku no Hero Academia 4 Insert Song Episode 13 Lyrics - Might+U by Makayla Phillips

Don't worry 'bout a thing
We'll reach out to you..
Even if it's a harder way..

It's plain to see the reason why..
Oh that's, all because of the mighty heart
Remember it's just natural that,
We'll be there, if you need help
Far across, the distance...
Rest assured that our faith just won't die

You know we apt to sacrifice ourselves..
Wathever they may say

repeat *

lyrics credit + full lyric: Kaede (comment) @

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

One Small Step Lyrics (Dr. Stone Insert Song Episode 24) - Laura Pitt-Pulford

Dr. Stone Insert Song Episode 24 Lyrics - One Small Step by Laura Pitt-Pulford

No where to turn
No where to hide
Between a rock and a hard place
Someone to find
I know that times are tough,
Just down and out putting my faith in tomorrow
I'm ready to go but I don't know where to start
Each and every road seems to be calling to me
Pulled in every which way, so I made my own path
A deep breath and my best foot forward...

One small step from zero
I'm not afraid
Cuz the world that we want is right here for us to make
Just taking one small step to hero
I'll take the chance
And when I do
I'll be thinking of the same thing I always do...
It's always you...

All the hope we have is right here in our hands
The future's left unseen, just a blank page..
All the strength i need is right here in me
Just need one small step to carry on....

lyrics credit + lyrics on screen/recommend subscribe: TOHO animation (youtube) & 브랜@youtube
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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cloudy Day Lyrics (Actors: Songs Connection Insert Song Episode 1)

Actors: Songs Connection Insert Song Episode 1 Lyrics - Cloudy Day

Kyou ga owatte iku..
Itsu no mani ka
Kokoro ga oite ikare soo..
Cloudy Day...

Akiramete ita..
Tsumuida kotoba mo..
Sora ni kiete iku nda
Dou sure ba ii no...
Boku no koe wo..
Uta ni nosetai nda..
Itsu ka kitto
Kanau hazu darou..

Shining Through The Clouds
Doko made mo tsuzuite iku..
Yume no kakera
Hiroiatsumete iku..

Kodoku sae mo..
Kibou ni kaete ii nda..
Sasayaku koe ga
Boku wo michibiita kara

Tsugi e no ippo wo..
Tsuyoku fumidashite iku
Monogatari no hajimari..

lyrics credit: Gunter (comment) @
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