No Frontier Eng Lyrics (The Gene of AI Opening) - Aile The Shota

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No Frontier English Lyrics - Aile The Shota (The Gene of AI/AI no Idenshi Opening)

No matter what ideals you ache for
No matter what futures bring you to tears
No one can take your place - everybody's unique
Feel your heart..

Questions overlap as we search for the answers
Nothing makes it through when voices sound the same
Entwining body heat, feel the irony..
I tried to protect our unstable state
Your voice, your hand, that pain, those scars
That distortion, that light you shine 
A pipe dream no one can understand
A state of mind trapped inside of a frame
Our sacrifices paint an immaculate utopia...

repeat *

No pain, no gain, no going back
No love at the border 
No frontier, no answer
Holding on to a selfish love...

lyrics credit + Sub japanese + lyrics on screen/recommend subscribe: Aile The Shota (youtube)

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