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Girls Girls Lyrics - Wonder Girls

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This song is for the girls all around the world
Girls I know what you got deep inside
And I just wanna say something
So listen

Hello hello maeumi ganeun daero
Ttaraga neoui neukkimi maja
wonhaneun gillo niga baradeon gillo yeah

Hey buddy geureoda nochillae
Sijakhae geureom giri tto yeollyeo
Hal su itjanha geudaero doel su itjanha

Geureoji motaesseo yonggiga eobseoseo
Jajonsim ttaemune hangsang mangseorideon naega but I say
Girls girls I’m a wonder girl
Can be the only one in the world
Jigeum ni maeum ijen malhae bwa

And I say you, you & you, you, you, you
Can be the best girl in the end
Neukkim geudaero irwojil geoya

Say hello meonjeo mareul georeo
Han georeum niga meonjeo daga ga
Sangsang sogeuro hangsang kkumkkudeon naege yeah

Hey miss gihoega on geoya
Jaba bwa ijen nochiji malgo
Hago sipjanha neodo wonhaesseotjanha

Soljikhi malhalge duryeoum ttaemune
Pyeongbeomham sogeseo maeil banbokdwaetdeon naldeul

Geujeo idaero pyeongbeomhi jinaegien nega akkapdago saenggakhaji anha? geureochanha?
Hago sipeun ge itjanha wonhaneun ge itjanha
Geureotamyeon jigeum baro go for it mangseorim no you’ll be fine
Oneureun himdeulgetji naeireun imagine moduga neol hyanghae clap clap clap

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