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Lirik Goodbye - Elizabeth Tan

7:16:00 PM
Lirik Lagu Elizabeth Tan - Goodbye

Do you remember our
walks in the park, where you
Stole my heart, and we
ran into the night

do you remember saying
that we'd meet back here,
come spring, next year
you said you'd be here waiting

but I guess life thought otherwise
cause we had to say our goodbyes
i'll wish you all the best in life, but for now
all we have is goodbye

I still remember, watching the sunrise in your eyes
they told me your secrets but they too
showed me all your lies

lets not hold on to what isn't ours to keep
I promise that somewhere , someday,
my dear, again we will meet

Cause I guess life thought otherwise
for we had to say our goodbyes
ill wish you all the best in life
but for now all we have is goodbye.


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