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Born to be Lyrics (Mahou Sensou Ending 1) - Nano

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Mahou Sensou/Magical Warfare Ending 1 Lyrics by Nano

Ooh Yeahh!!
They bring me DOWN
all the world is stereotypical
They’re Playing out, Look
but act another, Look
Now you thought
you had me by the upper – hand
but I see through the face you’ve covered cynical

unleash the beast to fight inside at you
To calm the fire that burns in front of you
Without the fear and tears surrounding you
Because your soul is what you were BORN TO BE

tatoe ima made ikiru strategy yume ushinatte mo (It’s time now)
handoru o kitte abareru yume no mama su-su-sume
fuyu no nai jinsei ni idomu nara
nin mo nai kanjo o idaku nara
kakugo kimete ikun darou
jibun jishin wo break away

subete o ubawareru unmei nara
nani o shinjite ikiteikunda
Ask yourself, the way there’s nothing to live or die for
kakoi mo kizu mo osoreru nara
mirai sae mo suteru no wa mon no
The choice is yours to make
This is what I choose to live for

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