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Lirik I'm Nobody (OST Pretty Man) - Jung Joon Young

6:22:00 AM
Lirik Lagu OST Pretty Man - I'm Nobody - Jung Joon Young

du nuneul gameun chae neoreul tteoollyeo
deulliji anha amureon sorido
nae gaseumsoge namgyeojin gieogdeul
dan hanbeondo na.. neol ijeun jeogi eobseo

nae maeumsoge gadeugchan gieogdeul
al su eobsneun nae gamjeongdeuri neol wonhae

oneul haruman
idaero nae pumane angyeoisseojwo
geuttae geu nunmul dakkajulge
neoreul saranghae
eonjena neoui yeope naega isseulge
naneun neol wihae saragalge

I’m nobody
I’m nobody
I’m nobody..(without your love)
I’m nobody..

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