Get Up Lyrics (Cardfight!! Vanguard Ending 13) - FAKY

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Ending 13 Lyrics - Get Up by FAKY

You're down? Heat 'em up, now
Wake up nemutta
Yuuki yobisamase Now it's time
I got no moyoi mo

Kimi to susumu yo Walkin' on
Hey, my friend mirai he
No time to waste be united
We're the mighty crew Will be breaking through

Bokura nara koeranaru Yeah we know that (Ya feel me now?)
Mou kowakunai yo Let's go to the brighter day
Take my hand, I'm gonna take your hand
Saa Get up (get up) and stand up (stand up)

Dokomademo ikerusa
I'm gonna take your hand, so won't you take my hand
Kimi wa kimi no mama de itte donna toki mo
So be yourself Listen to your heart
Just be yourself Listen to your heart

lyrics credit: Wikiwink Sensei@youtube


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