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Hotel King OST Part 5 Lyrics - Because It's You by The One

gaseum apeuge ulji marayo uri dasi motbol geotcheoreom
chanbaram bureo sseulsseulhaejimyeon geuttae naege dorawayo
neomu saranghaesseuni gieokhaejwoyo ireon nal arajwoyo

nareul itji marayo geu gieogeseo dan ilchorado hansungando geu gieogeseo
jugeul mankeum na saranghaetdeon saram bogo sipda bogo sipda

hangsang yeppeuge utdeon geudae boyeoyo gaseumi jeorineyo
nareul itji marayo geu gieogeseo dan ilchorado hansungando geu gieogeseo
sigan jina sewori heulleogado geudaeraseo geudaeraseo

du nuneseo meoreo jindahaedo i sarang seuchyeo jinado
ojik dan hansaram geudaeraseo geuriwoseo geuriwoseo oechyeobonda
michidorok sojunghaetdeon saram bulleobonda bulleobonda geudae

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