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Hey Mister Lyrics (Trot Lovers OST Part 1) - Crayon Pop

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Trot Lovers OST Part 1 Lyrics - Hey Mister by Crayon Pop

beolleongbeolleong beolleongdaeneun naui gaseumi kongdakkongdak kongkongdak kongdak
sogonsogon sogondaeneun naui ipsuri ssillukssilluk ssilssilluk ssilluk

bigaona nuniona barambuna nagyeopjina
saranghaneun nimeulchaja hemaego
gidarineun nauinimi eodiseonga bulleojulkka
nae gaseum beolleonggeorine

geudaeneun naui miseuteo ri ri
geudaeneun naui miseuteo gang gang
geudaeneun naui miseuteo gim gim
nae sarang heundeul heundeul heundeulgeorine

dodohan nae ipsuri sorry sorry
naemami heundeulheundeul worry worry
hey Mr neutjianke hurry hurry hurry
geudaeneun naui sarang miseuteo oh!

ulleongulleong ulleongdaeneun naui gaseumi kongdakkongdak kongkongdak kongdak
peolleokpeolleok peolleokdaeneun neoui otgisi seksiseksi sekseksi seksi

repeat * ** ***

eonjejjeum nae nimi oryeona barami neomu chagaun bam mideul su eobseo bameul hemaeneun
nal arabosilkka

repeat ** ***

lyrics credit: lovemikoforever.blogspot.com

youtube: http://youtu.be/4o_POTMBGZ4

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