Lirik Enough, Enough - Sekumpulan Orang Gila

11:28:00 PM

Lirik Lagu Sekumpulan Orang Gila - Enough, Enough

It wasn't the time to mourn for past mistakes
I knew it will come, can't forget
They will say pity the living
not the dead they will haunt

Can't escape, can't escape
At times it'll be hard enough
My inner will break and stop
The end is near, yet so far

I hope you guys, stay by my side
deserve or not, put that aside
tainted, scarred, we need the light
It will never be the same

Enough, enough
through this dying moment I need my friends
through this dying time straight ahead
I will be alright

Sing along, say it loud
and we will be alright

Living hell, heavenly smiles
torn wings, fading out
Lying dreams, my falling hopes
grab 'em all, bring them to my hopes


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