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As Life Goes On Lyrics (King of High School Life Conduct OST Part 2) - Jung In

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King of High School Life Conduct OST Part 2 Lyrics - As Life Goes On by Jung In

oneureun nalssiga neomu joha
nunbusyeo haessaldo ttadeutae
wenirinji an pullideon ildo
naeirimyeon jaldoel geotman gateunde

nari jeomulgo jibe doraoneun giri
sseulsseulhage neukkyeojil ttaemada
gwaenchanheul geoya honjatmareul hagon hae
nado moreuge jakku heungeoldae

harureul saldaga bomyeon da gwaenchanhajigetji
ireoke saldaga bomyeon da gwaenchanhajil geoya
badatdeon sangcheodo chueogi doego da gwaenchanhajil geoya
saldaga bomyeon

Oh Oh Yeah
saldaga bomyeon

oneureun nalssiga deouk joha
jeokdanghae baramdo siwonhae
nado ije eoreuni dwaennabwa
gwaensiri tto saenggage jamgineunde

repeat *

repeat **

modu da jal doelgeoya
jigeumkkaji nan da jalhaeon geoya
hal su isseo
saldaga bomyeon
saldaga bomyeon
It's all good

repeat **

Oh Oh Yeah
saldaga bomyeon

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