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Detective Conan Opening 38 Lyrics - Greed by Knock Out Monkey

Oh! Mata!? Nerareta gimmick miwaku no saturday night
Dakedo Oh! Chotto natsubate-gimi atsusa to kono jitai
Nanoni Oh oh oh mata mo jiken Oh oh oh aratana shiten?
Oh! No! Hoomuzu janai nande nande nande nande kami yo...

Hey! Ase no youni hajiketobi korizu ni kyou mo take a ride
Saa nemuri wo kake I melt slowly I melt slowly
Hey! Nazo wo toki shousetsu ni makenu karakuri ga
Nazo meita machi isanda ashi de mukaeba atama de kangae tsukareta

Ah omou youni ikanai hatoba de tatazunda
Akogare idaki I melt slowly

repeat *

lyrics credit: Shin Shi@youtube


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