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King of High School Life Conduct OST Part 5 Lyrics - Butterfly by Ciel

mabeop gateun Fantasy manhwa gateun Story
hwansangcheoreom neoui ape pyeolchyeo jilgeoya

neoui son kkeute jamsi meomulleotdeon bit It’s a beautiful sunlight

kkumeul kkuneun neoui nunbit beonjjeogineun seomgwangcheoreom
geochimeobsi Run and Run

Butterfly open your arms
Flying high to the real sky
Butterfly open your eyes
Flying high to your true love

donghwa gateun Melody boseok gateun Galaxy
nuneul gameun neoui apeul bichwo julgeoya

neoui bal kkeute jamsi meomulleotdeon bit
It’s a beautiful moonlight

chumeul chuneun neoui nunbit pureunbichui yuseongcheoreom
jayuropge Run and Run

repeat * x3

lyrics credit: jk-poplyrics.com

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