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Free Eternal Summer 2 Opening Lyrics - Dried Up Youthful Fame by OLDCODEX

Akiramekirenai koto wa
Kakenuketa toki no kesshou de
Waratte saigo mukaeru nara
Boku wa mou

Machigawanai darou
Sumiwataru kono basho de
Sora e mau tori ni kage ni

Tata hitotsu no koto
Meikaku na kioku e to.. kaeteikeru
Todomaru koto wo
Yameta bokura wa

Tagai no tobira akehanatteku
Kawaita kaze ni
Kyou ga somerare.. bokura..
No hitomi ni hizashi ga.. tobikonda

Stay cool
Can we fly all the way over
To you?
You can always
Come back home

We're in the sun now
Do you have time to play
Until your friends
Go home?
Ditch your clothes!

lyrics credit: Rika De Hiwatari@youtube
reproducing by lirik.biz to website

youtube: http://youtu.be/05JZ1Ir8-zY

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