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It's Okay, That's Love Lyrics (It's Alright, It's Love OST Part 2) - Davichi

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It's Alright, It's Love OST Part 2 Lyrics - It's Okay, That's Love by Davichi

nae mami boini wae sarangingeoni
dasineun haji maljadeon sarang cham manhi babo gatji
wae haengbok han geoni ni eolguri tteoolla
nae gyeoteman isseojwo yeongwonhi neoreul

kkot heundeullideut barame niga dagawa
nae mam dudeurideon geureon neoreul saranghae
gaseumi apa neol bomyeon gwaenchanha sarangiya
bujokhan i mameul tto nareul sarangeul
bada julsu itgenni nareul

wae utgiman hani nae nuneul barabomyeo
i tteollimeul ganjikhae nareul anajwo

repeat *

ireon nareul saranghaejwo
saranghae neol oh love

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