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Jack Lyrics (Bakumatsu Rock Opening 1) - Vistlip

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Bakumatsu Rock Opening 1 Lyrics - Jack by Vistlip

Kura kura saseru taiyou ya
Sangeki wo kuramasete
Hanare takute mo hanare renai
Zanzou to nare

Itami wake de enjou
Uchi ji kakugo
Doushite.. doushite anata wa naite iru ndai?
Kiri sutete ageru

Chi no ame wo furasezu ni
Surudoi ha oto de kokoro wo haneru
Jikai wa kanarazu ikinone tomete miseru
Aa, todoite hoshii

lyrics credit: vistlip2VipList@youtube
reproducing by lirik.biz to website

youtube: http://youtu.be/B6M5fg2qlLs
full: http://youtu.be/MHX3Dea44bA

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