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Master's Sun OST Part 4 Lyrics - Touch Love by Yoon Mi Rae

nae son kkeute geudaega
seuchimyeon chaga wotdeon
shimjange ongiga beonjijyo

salmyeoshi dagaga
gidae goman ship jiman
geudaewaui georineun
jobhyeo jijil anhneyo

manjil suga eobseodo dwae
aneul sudo eobseodo dwae
Lonely love Yes I love you
nae unmyeong cheoreom
geudael neukkil su isseoyo

rallalla- ralla- ralla-
rallalla- ralla- ralla-
rallalla- ralla- ralla- ralla-
nae mam daheul su isseoyo

du soneul nae mireo
geudael jabgo shipjiman
deo meoreojil geot gata
geudae gyeoteul maem doljyo

saranghal su eobseodo dwae
daheul sudo eobseodo dwae
Lonely love Yes I love you
nan meolli seodo
geudael bol suga isseoyo

repeat * and **

Lonely love

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