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Junjou Lyrics (Dragon Ball Kai 2014 Ending 2) - Leo Ieiri

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Dragon Ball Kai 2014 Ending 2 Lyrics - Junjou by Leo Ieiri

Aisaretakute naitatte
Kako wa kaerarenai sa
Sei-ippai sakendatte
Yami ni kieteku junjo

Wow... koshite michinaki michi o nukete
Wow... saigo ni te ni ireta mono ima
Don't mind
Kikoeteru mirai e tsunagu ashioto
Don't mind

Surechigau namae mo shiranu kenja wa
Don't beat up! x2
Taisetsu na mono wa sebete kono ude no naka

lyrics credit: The Aliens@youtube
reproduce by lirik.biz to website

youtube: http://youtu.be/TNjOH-CDpa8

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