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Elementario de Aimashou Lyrics (Amagi Brilliant Park Ending) - BRILLIANT4

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Amagi Brilliant Park Ending Lyrics - Elementario de Aimashou by BRILLIANT4

Iitakura ienai
Kimochi ga kusuburi
Kokoro no daichi atsuku
Shizenhakkateki ni

Meramera enjou
Koi ni kagarete yuku no
Ten ni mo noboru
Nee yumegokochi

Uwatsuiteru typhoon wa
Dare ni mo tomerarenai
Motto wind land water fire
Mazete special na show

Loop lopp shiteku shinjou
Masani shirabanshou deshou
Happy no ame ga tomaranai yo
Never end eien no unity

lyrics credit: Shiro OST@youtube
reproduce by lirik.biz to website

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