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I Know Lyrics (My Lovely Girl OST Part 5) - Kim Bo Kyung

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My Lovely Girl OST Part 5 Lyrics - I Know by Kim Bo Kyung

gireul geotdaga balgiri meomchun geugose
hemaeidaga nae dunun meomchun geugose
geudae inneyo babocheoreom nan mollatjyo
hangsang nae gyeote utgo itdeon geudae

sarangi oneyo jageun nae maeum gadeukhi
cheoeum mannan nalbuteo geudaega unmyeongiran geol
I KNOW ijeya kkaedatge dwaetjyo

yeongwonhi geudael sarang hamnida
gamdanghagien eoryeoun manheun naldeuri
saranghagien nal nochi annneun gieogi
geudael mannan geon uyeoni anira haedo
gipeojin maeum geudaen jinsimijyo

repeat *

na algo isseoyo jageun nae sirin son kkeute
geudaega daha ije naneun useul su isseoyo
I KNOW naega deo saranghalgeyo
jigeum idaero nae gyeote isseoyo

lyrics credit: jk-poplyrics.com

youtube: http://youtu.be/xv-Yyo7OS7E

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