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I Want To Love You Lyrics (My Lovely Girl OST Part 3) - Alex (Clazziquai)

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My Lovely Girl OST Part 3 Lyrics - I Want To Love You by Alex (Clazziquai)

amudo chatji annneun bam
joyonghi ullineun sori
yeonghwa sogui geu jangmyeoncheoreom
sunganeul nan nochyeobeoryeosseo

achime nuneul tteoboni
jakkuman niga tteoolla
akkyeodueotdeon gamchwodueotdeon
nae mam modu boyeojulgeoya

mareul haejullae
dan hanbeondo deutji motan mal
neoman bomyeon hago sipeun mal
honjaseoneun hal su eomneun mal
neol saranghae

naege wajullae
nuneul gamgo neol anajullae
seotuljiman soksagyeojullae
nae ape seoinneun saram love you

gyeote isseullae

ireoke norael bureumyeon
niga kkok ol geotman gata
akkyeodueotdeon gamchwodueotdeon
nae mam modu deullyeojulgeoya

repeat * and **

sarang haejullae

naege wajullae
yeogiseo neol gidarineunde
jigeum haeya hal geot gateunde
naega cheoeum haneun mal I love you

repeat ***

lyrics credit: lovemikoforever.blogspot.com
modify to short lyric by lirik.biz

youtube: http://youtu.be/BB3PeY36Doc

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