Long Way Down Lyrics (The Evil Within OST) - Gary Numan

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The Evil Within OST Lyrics - Long Way Down by Gary Numan

Find myself within
Darkness twisting me around
There is nothing I can done
This world doesn't spin
It just turns itself around
And around
The night chokes tight
In the nerves

Can't breathe to scream
Long way down
Suffocating in this dream
Long way down x3

Losing all I know
Hope is dreamt and lost
Walking a tight rope bound to slip

Sound is a twisted lullaby
Touch is the slice before the blood
Soon, something's got to give in

Can't lose control
Remember to focus
(to focus)
So I can find
My way out

repeat *

Don't give up the life
Using every last breath
Escaping the long way down

Music-Masafumi Takada, Lyrics-Rich Dickerson, Vocals-Gary Numan

lyrics credit: Sergey Tokarev@youtube
modify to short lyric by lirik.biz

youtube: http://youtu.be/k1NXrdHJ9-s

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