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Super Stiction Lyrics (My Lovely Girl OST Part 7) - HALO

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My Lovely Girl OST Part 7 Lyrics - Super Stiction by HALO

I can see it in your eyes follow my way

Na jeomjeom hangeoreum dwiro mulleonassji
(Ah gyesokhaeseo nan check yo mageul sun eopsji
Ah hutoe anin jeonjin)

Dwisgeoreum chilsu eopsdeon nae Pride & light do dwirohanchae
(Ah gyesokhaeseo nan bounce up
Gadul sun eopsji han baljjak ibojeonjin)

I wanna show it haters eotteon maldo piryoeopseo
Gidarin siganjocha dalge neukkyeojil
Sumswigi himdeulmankeum nareul bakkwo junbihaessdeon
Ijeneun seuteiji wiro nal ollyeonwa

Hey I’m ready to the action
Georeoga sesangi bakkwonon nae seutaillo
Hey you ready for attention ?
Ttarawabwa nege boyeojulge

Ohohoh x2 Super Sticktion
Ohohoh x2 Super Sticktion

Nan hollo namgyeojideut nal baeteonaessji
(Ah yeah gyesokhaeseo nan back off
Dwisgeoreumjil no ! apeuro sambojeonjin)

Dareun nugudo anin naegen ijhyeojil su eopsneun sangcheo
(Ah yeah gyesokhaeseon nan bring up
Nal su issji mwo apeuro sabojeonjin)

Himdeureossdeon sungan naega butjapgo sipdeongeon
Amu geosdo eopsdeon naege miryeoneul namgyeojudeon maldeul

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