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Attitude to Life Lyrics (Donten ni Warau Ending) - Galneryus

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Donten ni Warau Ending Lyrics - Attitude to Life by Galneryus

Doko made mo hirogaru
Haiiro no sora no shita
Unmei wo seotte
Kono mi wo sasagete yuku

Wakitatsu omoi wo
Kono sora ni sarake dasu nosa
Mamori nuku mono wa
Sou sa asu ni tsunaide yukou

Tatoe ima tsuyu to kiete mo
Kimi yo kesshite akiramenai de
Owara nai kanashimi nado nai koto wo
Kimi wa shitte iru...

lyrics credit: Mad Marshmallow(comment) @brani kiske@youtube


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