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Dynamite Lyrics (Detective Conan Opening 39) - Mai Kuraki

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Detective Conan Opening 39 Lyrics - Dynamite by Mai Kuraki

Kanjo kanpeki ni lose control
Baguru uttoshisani hekieki wakatteru sutansu
Itsuwari id gen'in suisoku shite mo
Toso hon no zenkai umaku wa waraenai sutansu

Chansu tsukamu sutansu
Reru no nai michi
Darenimo tomerarenai kono kimochi

I'm blowing up, blowing up kokoro ga sawagu
I'm blowing up, blowing up owara senaide
Mirai ga mieru 
I'm gonna be your dynamite
Oh! buttobe your dynamite

lyrics credit: www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki

youtube: http://youtu.be/wBaOIgTxhZI

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