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Just Fly Away Lyrics (Gundam Build Fighters Try Opening 2) - EDGE of LIFE

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Gundam Build Fighters Try Opening 2 Lyrics - Just Fly Away by EDGE of LIFE

Kaze wo matsu tsubasa ga
Machikirezu kakedasu
Bokutachi wo terashita
Itetsuita taiyou o

Genkai nante
Sutete yukunda
Kodoku ni nate kowasenai

Owaresenai yume no saki
Owarenai mirai darou
Shinjite mi yo
Jibun dake ni dekiru koto wo

Kizutsu dake tsukau nara
Mayowazu ni erabu darou
Itsumo dake wo tsukamitorunda honno
Hatenaki sora tobitate ima
Fly away!

lyrics credit: kirya val (comment)@ Gundam build Fighters Try@youtube
modify/edit by lirik.biz

youtube: http://youtu.be/p4mtQSD6thM
dailymotion: Gundam Build Fighters Try OP2

-anyone can make corrections in the comment section or on fb comment if have mistake- tq

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