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No Limit Lyrics (Dog Days 3 Opening) - Nana Mizuki

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Dog Days Season 3 Opening Lyrics - No Limit by Nana Mizuki

Touch and go!...
Catch the sun!...

Doushite bokura wa deattan darou
Suuji nanka ja shoumei dekinai
Donna rekishi mo iroaseru you na
Shinpi no discovery

Pitari to hamatta tensei no password
Uchuu level no sympathy
Souzoukigen no taidou ga kikoete iruka

Burning through the sky
Gokujou no mirai wo tsukuridasou
Soumei no sora e to ameiro no jet de
Mijuku na yume tsumekondara full throttle
Tobou omoi no mama ni

repeat *

lyrics credit + sub Spanish: Ayachii Scarlett@youtube
reproduce by to website

dailymotion: Dog Days S3 OP

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