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Oh Yeah!!!!!!! Lyrics (Dragon Ball Kai 2014 Ending 5) - Czecho No Republic

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Dragon Ball Kai 2014 Ending 5 Lyrics - Oh Yeah!!!!!!! by Czecho No Republic

Yeah!!! x4

Hadaka no mama de ii
Kodomo mitai yume ga mitai
Oto ni awashite
Utau kara kimi mo dou

Kanashimu yori waratte'tai yo
Korogatteiku fuantei na michi o
Tatakau yori tanoshindemiyou
Tadayo tte'ru fuantei na hibi o


Kibou no nami ni notte
Hora mae o muite

Oh Oh Oh x2

lyrics credit: wikia.com

youtube: http://youtu.be/HeYmBBeTCzQ
full: http://youtu.be/zqC3tkbhfRA

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