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Raindrops Lyrics - Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 7 OST

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Tokyo Ghoul 2nd Season/Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 7 OST Lyrics - Raindrops

In the morning sun
When I look around
What I feel is the pain inside
Not a story of a broken heart to sow

Rain drops fall down on me
So cold but so gently
When we put heart together now
We're falling so alone

Will you stay without me
Search for me
Are these sole color of love
Traffic rides the crossing rail
How will I live my life without you

lyrics credit: Austin Juntra (comment)@Josh Tatsuo (Bogellenong)@youtube
latest update ost Tokyo Ghoul √A visit: Josh Tatsuo (Bogellenong)@youtube

youtube: http://youtu.be/Mxwm8HKqms0

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