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Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link Joker Opening 3 Lyrics - Break your spell by Psychic Lover

Break your spell, VANGUARD!!
Yami wo chirase
Raimei ga hibiku yoru
Umareru rejendo

Mienai asu ni obiete
Ugoke naku nari sou dakedo
Get up, right now!
Tokihanatsu nda Sora he

Sadame ga bokura tame shiteru
Zetsubou no yami ga kiba wo muku
(It's not too late)

Arashi no naka de
Me wo hiraite
Uchiyabure yo
Kizu darake demo

repeat *

Brave the storm, VANGUARD!!
Kaze wo matotte
Ganjigarame no sekai wo
Tobidasu nda
Ride on VANGUARD!!....

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