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Insight Lyrics (Gatchaman Crowds Insight Opening) - WHITE ASH

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Gatchaman Crowds Insight Opening Lyrics - Insight by WHITE ASH

Come in, blue!
You thought of me to shift a foot inside
Ryoume de mitemo
Yeah x3
Oh, but you're wrong about it

Naze ni used
Show time imada not inside
Sokirajuu ni itara
Yeah x3
Onmono wa nai

Abarete ike..
You're saving yourself tonight..
Kasaneta yeah
Sorezore no aru imeeji
Only i'm serious in the end!

Soshite ike
Yoru tonde
Turn it on

Awasete yeah
sorezore ga kimi
Only i'm serious in the end!
You're serious in the end!

lyrics credit + Sub Español: Dranlarz@youtube (recommend subscribe)
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