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Naruto Shippuden Ending 34 Lyrics - Niji no Sora by Flow

Terase asu wo ima kokoro tsutau messeeji
Wuhoowuhooo.... x2

Boku to yoku ni ta itami
Uchiake te kure ta hito
Futo hitori ja nain datte omoetan da

Dakedo nagareta namida
Kamishime ta nukumori o
Itsumade mo boku wa dakishimete ireru ka na?

Kizutsui te kizutsui te nai te nai te tsuyoku nare subete
Me ni utsuru sono keshiki wa
Eien ni tada kokoro e to massugu tsunagatte iku

Hanate niji no sora
Omoi nara kokoro ni aru (My heart)
Terase asu wo ima kokoro tsutau messeeji
Hanate niji no sora


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