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Believe In Myself Lyrics (Fairy Tail Opening 21) - Edge of Life

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Fairy Tail Opening 21 Lyrics - Believe In Myself by Edge of Life

Just believe in myself
Kono sekai de owannai yume
oikake (speed up!! x2)

Hashiri da shita konkyonaki omoi
ima, Just believe in myself..

You light my fire mune kogasu shoudou ni touch
What I want to hear kimi no emotion
Whatever will be
Will be. Ima wa gekiryu no age
How are you feeling? boku no motion

Tachimukau tame no
Strong ties te wo tottara
Are we ready?
Play Fair...
repeat *

Just believe in myself
Kodoku na yoru wo koete yuku nda
Mirai e (speed up!! x2)

repeat **

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