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HOW CLOSE YOU ARE Lyrics (Ajin Ending) - Mamoru Miyano

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Ajin Ending Lyrics - HOW CLOSE YOU ARE by Mamoru Miyano

Negaikanau nara mou ichido
Kimi no kokoro ni fureteitai
Donna yami demo sagashiterunda
Tatta hitotsu no hikari wo...

As i look up to the stars..
Tooi kedo
Onai hoshizora miageteru

Kokoto no sora niwa
Koboreochisou na
Kimi no egao to nukumori

Heal me!
Until i'm well
I'm waitin' replace the lonely things
Ai suru koto no imi nante
Wakatteta tsumori datta

If we never can let this burden fall away
Taisetsu na mono ushinatte
Hontou no ai ni kidzuite
haaa.. haaa..
I'd take your love just to go through water..

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