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Strider's High Lyrics (Prince of Stride: Alternative Opening) - OxT (Masayoshi Oishi x Tom-H@ck)

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Prince of Stride: Alternative Opening Lyrics - Strider's High by OxT (Masayoshi Oishi x Tom-H@ck)

Hashire striding
Hurry on the road
We're running
High de tobu emotion..

Kaze o jikkan o kosu yo
Iki ga taeru made
Breaking stride

Shut up, ruder vision yoeba
You guys are zombies
Slide your old taikaku koki nerau
It's really freaky

Hashiridashita maji na yatsura
Amai yume wa ima wasureta
Tadashi sono heart ima toraeta
Kaze no sakebi o....

repeat *

Kako mo mirai mo sutero
Ima o kakenukerou
Tobase sliding
Hurry kanate eto
Flying, high o koeru action

Motto inochi o
Tose yo kaze no
Yukusake e breaking stride
High ni tsukiru made..

Up!x2 stage out!
Kyuukutsu na sono risou
Kimerareta mirai sae
Tsukiyabure ima o yuke
So now we're destined to (love!... or run!... ?)

lyrics credit: Aurora Resurrect@youtube (recommend subscribe)
reproduce by to website


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