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XY&Z English Lyrics By Rika Matsumoto (Pokemon XY&Z OP)

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Pokemon XY&Z Opening Eng Lyrics (XY&Z - Rika Matsumoto)

Hey! like the morning sun shining upon kalos
(Go on as hot as a flame charge)
Come on! head on as we're always set
(Be a protean mold breaker)

Our overlapping feelings synchronize
Because it becomes our unfading bonds
Become strong until the end..
If it's just us
Woh x3 yeah...

Let's go!
The fiercely burning battle
Let's go!
Critical points are chances
Let's go!
Do a reversal
We'll never give up

Let's go!
Holding tight to our dreams
Let's go!
We're sure to get them
Let's go!
Stretch out your hands
Up to the heights unknown yeah..

Come on! increase it (1,000,000 volts)
So! let's head straight together
Towards the other side of our dreams..

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