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Kimi ni Matsuwaru Mystery English Lyrics By Satomi Satou & Ai Kayano (Hyouka ED 2)

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Hyouka Ending 2 Eng Lyrics (Kimi ni Matsuwaru Mystery - Satomi Satou & Ai Kayano)

The case seems so irrational
A montage of emotions
Just who's calling who right now?

When i turn around i don't feel watched anymore
I know it's not just my imagination
A heroine's antenna is her talent

I mean (i mean) i want to know (don't you want to?)
I'll fix the difference in how we view our youths right now
If it'll be fixed tomorrow
Then why not fix it right now?

You are a mystery
Detective i'll try to be
Looking for the person who makes this happen to me (again today)

You are a fantasy
You pull me in to see
I want to launch an investigation
Even though there isn't a trick

I'm curious
I'm interested
Why is that?

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