Landscape English Lyrics By SOLIDEMO (Fairy Tail ED 22)

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Fairy Tail Ending 22 Eng Lyrics (Landscape - SOLIDEMO)

It's not coincidence, but fate
That we met
And began walking barefoot
One spring afternoon

We hesitate so many times
At each fork in the road
I can't remember (left or right)
How many times (truth or lie)
We made our complaints heard

But nonetheless
Your voice as you ran beside me
Gave me courage
So i was able to trace without fail
Today's miracle..

Passing through billions of landscape
Our bonds were formed
So no matter what comes tomorrow
Let's keep our pace the same

I'll show you an image of landscape
Of the place i saw in my dreams
So let's change the illusion to reality

I'll never let you go
Forever and ever
I'll be there for you..

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