Raise Your Flag Lyrics (Gundam: Orphans Opening 1) - Man With A Mission

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Opening 1 Lyrics - Raise Your Flag by Man With A Mission

Raise your flag
Koe no kagirix2
Koe no kagiri sakende

Kitto itsuka
Itsuka dokoka
Yume o mi tsudzuke samayou..

Under the pressure, you are waiting for direction
Going on a road without your mind
All misleads they give ignoring our decisions
Killing yourself your soul we have inside

Agaki tsudzuke taore kujike
Hai agatte hashiri tsudzukete
Owari naki yume no mother land
We can struggle and muzzle
The world before it fades away

repeat *

Kitto itsuka
Itsuka dokoka
Tadoritsuku to shinjite

Come on and raise your flag
So just raise your flag
Nando kujike mayoedo
Ikiru kagiri tsudzuku kagiri
Yume o mi tsudzuke samayou..

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