Sayonara no Yukue English Lyrics By Alisa Takigawa (Owarimonogatari ED)

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Owarimonogatari Ending Eng Lyrics (Sayonara no Yukue - Alisa Takigawa)

I hear your laughter near me
You were supposed to be there forever..

I breathed onto the classroom window and wrote your name
Only to panic and wipe it with my sleeve
I heard your voice from the hallway
And went home in hurry to hide my feelings
Haaa aa haaa...

At some point i became unable
Huuu uu huuu.... haa aa haa
To talk to you normally..

I can hear your laughter a ways away
You were supposed to be next to me forever
You knew how i felt
Even when i said nothing

Now i know how important you were to me
But we will never see each other again..

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