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Strider's High English Lyrics By Masayoshi Oishi x Tom-H@ck (Prince of Stride: Alternative OP)

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Prince of Stride: Alternative Opening Eng Lyrics (Strider's High - Masayoshi Oishi x Tom-H@ck)

Run on, striding!
Toward your goal!
Running, emotions flying high!..

Gonna go beyond the wind, beyond time
Until our breaths give out
Drive your stride!

Shut up! getting drunk on a loser vision
You guys are zombies!
Stride or die, seal your conviction
Be speedy, freaky!

Those who started running for real
Forgot their naive dreams
But how! with a wind
That's grasped that heart

repeat *

Thow away your past and future
And break on through the present!

Send it flying, striding!
Hurry into the distance!
Flying, action going beyond the high!

Burn your life even brighter
Off to where that wind is headed
Drive your stride
Until! you burn out on high!..

Up! x2 speed up!
Tear through those ideals that limit you
And that future that was decided for you
Just run on through the present!
So, now it is time to run!...

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