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Datte, Gyutteshite. English Lyrics By Maki Hanatani (Girl meets Bear OP)

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Kuma Miko/Girl meets Bear Opening Eng Lyrics (Datte, Gyutteshite. - Maki Hanatani)

Another day, another minor panic!
Shoot, i overslept
Can't get careless with my fashion
Oh on, what now?

Catch cute, magic spell on their hearts
Don't i look goof in this dress
Look at the time, i gotta hurry
Ok. see you later

Forgive me, even i won't always be a child
But stay by my side..

It's just, i'm scared
I wimp out, and then i feel lost
I want to let you wrap me in those big arms and indulge me forever

Wait, pay attention to me! don't ignore me
Even if the magic wears off
Hug me tight anyway

More x3
Pat me on the head
More x3

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