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Kumamiko Dancing English Lyrics By Natsumi Hioka & Hiroki Yasumoto (Girl meets Bear ED)

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Kuma Miko/Girl meets Bear Ending Eng Lyrics (Kumamiko Dancing - Natsumi Hioka & Hiroki Yasumoto)

Run, run, go on, run away
Hey miko, miko, time to run

I know you'll come after me
Oh bear, bear, i know your game

Saw through my act, huh?

Of course! after all, we're been

Together forever

No reception, we get no signal

We do have wi-fi, though

The convenience store's not even convenient

That's couse we're in the boonies

Instant darkness when the sun sets,
Game trails for streets....

Ok! villagers, check it out

Oh miko, miko, miko of kumade shrine
You're as cute as can be
But this village is just fine
Come on sir, come on miko,
We'll feed you both our nameko
Yeah x4 it's kumamiko dancing

It's kumamiko, and it's dancing
All us bumpkins might as well join in
When all is said and done
In this village we'll always have happy days...
Yep, it's happy days
Super happy days...
Everybody-body's gonna be happy!

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