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Desutopia English Lyrics By Glay (Kuromukuro OP)

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Kuromukuro Opening Eng Lyrics (Desutopia - Glay)

Immorality creaks in the dark
Blurring the advantages of evolution
Sorrow remains silent
Simply praying for the safety of the soul..

I'm always just barely behind the times
Surrounded by thick gray clouds
Acid rain pours down on me
Melting away mu morals tonight

Everyone's assigned an alphabet
Everyone's called by their code
Acting with no sense of reason
For whom are these battles fought..

The scar that remains in the corner of my memories
Shed light to the end..
A voice in the distance whispered gently
A new age is coming..

Love transcends time
Dreams go the distance
Voices will reach to the ends of the earth...

No matter how weak the light
I have the ultimate strength to believe
This is the strength of our bond..
Love will transcend time..

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