FRONTIER DRIVE Lyrics (Battle Spirits: Double Drive Opening) - Kosuke Oki

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Battle Spirits: Double Drive Opening Lyrics - FRONTIER DRIVE by Kosuke Oki

We are fighting!
Go! Go!
We are fighting!
Yeah! Yeah!

Haruka ni hirogaru..
Sekai wo kakenuketeku
Koukishin to chousen wo ..
Kasaneta supirittsu

Starting to drive
Yatteminakya wakaranai nara
Kirifuda kirebaii...

Tamashii wo tokihanate..
Genkai nante koeteike..
Kimi dake ni shika hirakenai mirai
Mitemitaku wa nai kai
Daydream believer
We can do it! Sou...
Let's do it now

repeat *

Hatenai yume ga furonteia no chizu na no sa

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