Kobore Sekai Oware English Lyrics By Aki Hata (Big Order ED)

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Big Order Ending Eng Lyrics (Kobore Sekai Oware - Aki Hata)

Broken memories hurt, don't they?
I've been betrayed countless, countless times
But since i'm alive, it's okay to trust
Even if it's futile to have faith

I learned there's nothing is this world more isolating than myself
But despite that, i'm still holding on to hope.. it's funny
It's like a habit. Maybe it's just for peace of mind?
Is this the end..
End, world

I'm waiting..
I can't wait...
I've been waiting

I'm still sane, though, believe it or not
For now
Probably (who gets to decide?)

repeat *

I won't let it be called love (That would be too convenient)
It's just a pure obsession

White washing things is so much fun
It's fun to pretend i'm the only one who's pure

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