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Mirai Lyrics (Orange Ending) - Kobukuro

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Orange Ending Lyrics - Mirai by Kobukuro

Kono mama suki de ireru no nara..
Omoi ha todoke nu mama de ii to

Musubare nu mama..
Toke mo shi nai..
Kokoro fukaku ni..
Mi o shiru ame...
Konnani kabosoku ore sou na
Eda no saki ni mo kimi no mirai ga..
Umareteru mada mi nu hibi o..
Kiriotosa nai de

Ima o waratte..
Furikaeru kimi o mamori tai..
Kokoro fukaku ni..
Mi o shiru ame dakishimeru...

Soba ni i tai kara..... x2

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youtube: https://youtu.be/q9MBkW1ahz0

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