Refrain Boy English Lyrics By ALL OFF (Mob Psycho 100 ED)

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Mob Psycho 100 Ending Eng Lyrics (Refrain Boy - ALL OFF)

We've been experiencing each moment crouched in the corners of this world..
But we can overcome the tears..
And head towards the lights....

All the dreams and ideals that we care and believe in everyday
Seems like they could dissapear in the blink of an eye..
Countless memories flashing back so clearly
Beneath this slow motion sky
Drastic realities i wish i could forget..

If all of a sudden our hearts were to be stolen from us,
What would happen?
Will we continue to cause pain just for the fun of it?
Or something would come flowing from within us to never cease...

repeat *

Zero to countless times of rise and fall we have carried on
Again and again
The reverberating sounds of our hearts....


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